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Music-Inspired Brand Echoes Unique Sound


EDM producer/DJ and musician Matt Barri’s star was on the rise, having recently collaborated with notable artists and opening for superstars like Steve Aoki and Lil Jon. Ready to turn his passion into a career, Matt came to LKPR with the goal of developing his brand and creating a logo that could sell merchandise.

Branding is big business in the DJ world. The visual brand represents the artist’s influences and sound. It needs to tell a story and transcend mediums. Applications include promotional materials, album art, social media, stage visuals, merchandise and more.

Matt’s music has 8-bit and sci-fi undertones with a robust dance beat. It has a flowing, soulful and modern sound. His mark needed to translate this complexity and capture his youth, but also represent where he’s going musically. Matt also loves red pandas. (Who doesn’t?)

LKPR designed a striking, yet simple and versatile mark. It mimics the fluidity of Matt's music in an infinity-like soundwave shape. The logo playfully integrates a graphic representation of a red panda face into the “M,” giving it a mischievous feel.

The brand guide offers various icon-only, text-only and icon with name lock-ups, maximizing flexibility. Animated logos were provided for multimedia use.

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