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Shattering Kickstarter Records: $1.9M Raised


As PicoBrew, the leading craft beverage appliance maker, geared up to launch its Pico Model C craft beer brewing appliance on Kickstarter, the company challenged LKPR to build and execute a media strategy. The goals? Raise awareness and keep momentum going throughout the 40-day campaign; help beat PicoBrew’s previous Kickstarter raise of $1.4M; and surpass the sitting food category record holder ($1.81M).     


LKPR kickstarted the media storm with exclusive launch-day reporting in Engadget (24 hours on the homepage) and top-tier coverage in USA Today, Food & Wine, FOX News and more, helping the campaign reach its $350K goal in just seven hours.

We created news moments around eight major campaign announcements & milestones. Aggressive, super-targeted media outreach and a series of media events smartly timed with campaign reveals kept the buzz going up until the final hours.

LKPR generated an impressive 432 million earned media impressions and 100+ media placements in just 40 days. Media attention drove significant traffic to the campaign page, converted backers and helped the company raise nearly $2M—the “Most Funded Food Kickstarter” EVER.

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