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Launching a Consumer Brand for Made in the USA


50 Strong is the newest division of a family owned-and-operated plastics manufacturer in Lima, OH. For 30+ years, PTC’s core business was contract manufacturing. Entering the consumer market with their own brand for the first time, the company needed a strong marketing partner. 50 Strong brought on LKPR with the goal of building a consumer-facing brand that would emphasize their Made in the USA story.


LKPR developed a “classic meets modern American” brand look. As 50 Strong evolved, a simpler logo was created moving toward a lifestyle brand. Bold packaging was designed to transcend product categories and live in different retail aisles. In-store displays shouted Made in the USA. Branding carried through all sales & promotional materials.


Cross-platform, monthly social media content was created to build awareness, spark engagement and support key retailers & initiatives. Original imagery was designed with a cohesive brand identity. The year-long campaign generated 2M impressions, 140K engagements, and the brand’s Facebook page grew by 80%—with limited ad spend.

A comprehensive PR program combined thought leadership on the Made in America movement with consumer publicity for 50 Strong products. Earned media impressions totaled 246M and got the attention of retail partner Walmart, leading to additional co-promotional activities and large-scale sales growth.

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