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YouTubers & Petfluencers Celebrate Adoption Day


KD Group was launching a new Rescue Runts brand and line of adoptable plush pets. As part of a larger LKPR 360 campaign, the toymaker asked for a strong influencer marketing program. The goal: generate authentic, shareable brand content to support the launch of this new brand with kids, parents and the rescue community.


LKPR developed a multi-tiered approach targeting popular kid YouTubers and “petfluencers” on Instagram. The campaign creative concept, true to the brand, focused on celebrating the joy of “Adoption Day.”


For YouTubers, we delivered “Adoption Day Parties in a Box” specifically designed to make for great video and photo content. The gift boxes were beautifully wrapped in the brand’s style and, tying into the YouTube unboxing trend, had a surprise reveal for kids. Inside were balloons, confetti, Runts, and more.


On Instagram, we asked influential real-life pets to capture their “Freedom Rides” with their Runts. We also made donations to pet-parents’ favorite local rescue organizations.

In total, 25 influencers participated, generating fun, visual on-brand content with links back to YouTube videos have 900K+ views on channels with a combined 12.9M subscribers. Instagram posts have 30K+ engagements, 54K+ video views, and a potential reach of 778K followers.

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