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The ink we earn, the stuff we design. How we make it happen.


We live in a 24/7 content-driven and content-dependent world that's hard to sustain. Let public relations do the heavy lifting for you.

Journalists were the first "influencers" and earned media placements in trusted outlets still carry that weight, authority and unmatched third-party credibility among built-in engaged audiences. But, when you work with LKPR, that influence doesn't stop with the media placement and that rich content goes much further. 

Say your product is going to be on national TV - congratulations! The segment airs and reaches millions of show viewers. LKPR turns that segment into compelling social content, social ads targeting the show's fanbase, a banner on your website homepage, a behind-the-scenes blog post, a feature item in your e-newsletter, a headline and review extension for your Google ads, a brag-sheet for your key partners and more. 

Think of PR as a critical component of your marketing mix and the ultimate content creator, fueling brand conversations across platforms and surrounding your customer wherever they are. 


Brands spend tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on physical product packaging to create shelf impact and grab a customer's attention in aisle. 

Well, the "aisle" has shifted online along with the customer's path to purchase. Your online retailer product pages are your "e-packaging." Give them the time and attention they deserve. 

LKPR designs Amazon and online retailer pages that take customers through the path to purchase, with compelling A+ content promoting product features and benefits, leaving no customer question unanswered. Then, we use our 360 marketing capabilities to drive traffic and demand, and optimize for success. 

E-packaging is a living, breathing entity & critical two-way conversation with your customer through 

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Graphic Design is more than just aesthetic. It's the visual foundation that builds your brand and makes your mark. It's a communicative art form designed to grab your attention and make you connect, understand and take action (buy, click, share, visit etc.) all within seconds.

LKPR’s design approach is completely immersive. Before we put pen to paper, we research the market and competitor landscape, and we intimately get to know your brand, your customer and your communications goals. Then, we let the creative exploration begin.

We are sponges living in today’s visual culture, based in the melting pot of New York City. Our work takes inspiration from everywhere and marries bold, creative concepts with smart design choices.    

We design with real people and your business in mind.

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