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Point of Sales Displays


Flybar, the original maker of pogo sticks, a 100-plus-year-old company with a strong online retail business, looked to expand its brick and mortar presence. The company tapped LKPR to refresh the brand’s mark and develop a packaging style guide for its core line of outdoor products. The goal: create shelf presence, impact and drive retail sell-in.

LKPR established a strong visual identity for Flybar, improving upon the brand’s logo and elevating the “F” icon. The final style guide integrates new iconography & elements that inspire motion, fun and reinforce the company’s foothold as the “Masters of Bounce.”

A bold, clean, sporty packaging style was created. It highlights each product’s unique features and benefits, while giving a unified brand look to a diverse line of typically item-first packaged products. The guide also includes a clear age grade & weight icon shopping system.

A younger, more toyetic, yet familial, look and logo was established for the “My First” preschool subbrand. A complementary style guide was created.


Refreshed branding and packaging helped Flybar break into Target with a commitment to multiple SKUs on shelf.

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